The Guido Engine Library

The Guido Engine Library is a generic, portable library and API for the graphical rendering of musical scores. The library is based on the GUIDO Music Notation Format as the underlying data format. It takes account of the conventional music notation system and should be flexible enough to include any graphical sign and musical information if necessary.
The GUIDO Music Notation Format [GMN] is a formal language for score level music representation. It is a plain-text, i.e. readable and platform independent format capable of representing all information contained in conventional musical scores. The basic GUIDO Format is very flexible and can be easily extended and adapted to capture a wide variety of musical features beyond conventional musical notation (CMN). The GUIDO design is strongly influenced by the objective to facilitate an adequate representation of musical material, from tiny motives up to complex symphonic scores. GUIDO is a general purpose musical notation format; the intended range of application includes notation software, compositional and analytical systems and tools, performance systems, and large musical databases. It is powerful, flexible, easily portable, and human readable.
More information about the GUIDO language can be obtained from the GUIDO Home Page.
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The Guido Engine Library

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More information about the Guido Engine project is available here.

The Guido Engine library originates from the GUIDO NoteViewer project (created by Kai Renz), started by the SALIERI group at the Darmstadt University of Technology. It became an open source library in December 2002 at the initiative of the Grame Computer Music Research Lab.
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